Road hog! Impatient driver who cut up tractor gets karma when car is covered in pig manure

A road hog got instant justice after cutting up a tractor – finding himself sprayed with gallons of liquidised pig poo from the slurry tank it was towing.

The driver had tried to overtake on a roundabout but his red Vauxhall Astra clipped the back of the tank, opening the sewage outlet straight into his car.

It was then dragged several metres by the trailer, which continued to fill the car with its stinking cargo.

Karma – the driver tried to overtake on a roundabout and ended up spraying slurry inside his own car (Pictures: SWNS)

Details of the unbelievable incident, which happened on the A515 in Derbyshire on Thursday, emerged after they were shared on social media by Derbyshire Roads Policing Unit along with pictures of the battered car splattered inside with slurry.

The post, which has been shared hundreds of times, said: “Think you have had a bad day? How about cutting up a tractor on A515 roundabout and colliding with the sewage outlet on the trailer.”

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“Then get dragged down the road whilst the car starts to fill with pig waste through the driver’s door. No injuries. #PassTheShakeAndVac”.

The tale was met with amused reactions by many, including West Midlands Ambulance Service community first responder Dave Harford who tweeted: “I think they call that karma!”