Justify's Kentucky Derby victory summed up in one photo

Take a look at the photo below, taken after the Kentucky Derby — the wettest in the 144-year history of the race. Notice anything?

(NBC screenshot)

There’s no Photoshop there, no manipulation. Nothing.

Just Justify, in the middle, warming down with jockey Mike Smith after winning the race by 2½ lengths.

On a day when some three inches of rain fell, muddying Churchill Downs like never before, when jockeys wore multiple pairs of goggles to combat the mud, when afterward just about everyone else needed a hose shower a la Chris Farley in Tommy Boy, Justify and Mike Smith came home with barely a clump of dirt on them.

That’s what happens when you jump toward the front early and stay there for all two-minutes plus of the race.

Justify absolutely dominated, leaving Mike Smith and his white silks still white, and now is on to the Preakness where he will be the overwhelming favorite to capture the second leg of the Triple Crown.