Justin Bello: Killers’ consciences ‘smeared’ with blood say family of victim found in Wembley bin shed

Anthony France
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Justin Bello (Metropolitan Police )
Justin Bello (Metropolitan Police )

The family of a man whose body was found in a bin shed in north west London a year ago said his killers have blood “smeared on their conscience” as police appealed for information.

Gym sales manager Justin Bello, 38, was murdered by “so-called humans” in the “most frightening and inhumane way imaginable”, they added.

Refuse workers discovered Mr Bello, who had a son, in a communal area on St Raphael's Estate to the rear of Lovett Way, Wembley at about 8am on November 25, 2019.

Detectives who launched an investigation are still not releasing his cause of death for operational reasons, but say he wasn’t stabbed or shot.

Nine men aged 26 to 51 have been arrested on suspicion of murder. Two women, 38 and 48, were detained on suspicion of assisting an offender and perverting the course of justice. All have been released pending further inquiries.

In a statement, Mr Bello’s family said: “It has been a year since so-called humans robbed us of our son, father, brother, uncle, nephew and friend in the most frightening and inhumane way imaginable.

“The tidal wave of pain their actions caused has almost destroyed the lives of so many people because Justin was truly loved by everyone who ever met him.

“Our family's pain will never, ever go away, and we struggle on for our children because we must show them that justice exists in life.

“So, we must find the people who did this, find out why they thought they had the right to end our Justin's loving, fulfilling and purposeful life.

"These people are still out there, living their lives among us in our communities, somewhere.

“There are people who know what happened, who know who did this or why - maybe it is you reading this right now, or, perhaps you are friends with people who talk about knowing things the police don't, perhaps you have laughed with them, shared food with them all the while knowing or suspecting they may have the blood of a beautiful human smeared on their conscience.

“The question is: can you live with this knowledge, our Justin's blood on yours?

“Please, if you have any information or suspicions, however insignificant you feel it might be, if you loved Justin, if you didn't know him but understand right from wrong, if you sympathise with this never-ending nightmare these people have put Justin's family and loved ones through, then perhaps you agree we need to take these people off our streets before they do it again - and we pray next time it isn't your family, your child, your brother.

"Please, call the police, even anonymously if you fear for your own safety, but please do not allow our family to continue having to live with this life-destroying silence from the community any longer.

“Please come forward, clear your conscience and help us to find these sickening excuses for humans before they think they've got away with it and do it again.”

Mr Bello was a gym sales manager for Nuffield Health and had a young son, his mother Christine Reilly added.

She said Mr Bello, who lived in Croydon, south London was last seen buying food for friends in Clapham 13 miles away from where his body was discovered in Wembley.

“He didn’t know anyone in Wembley,” Mrs Reilly, 62, said. “Police say he was taken there in two cars.

“Justin was my only son. He meant everything to me. These people think they have the right to just take someone’s child.

“There’s a lot of people who have spoken to the police but they won’t sign statements. They’re too frightened.”

Detective Chief Inspector Pete Wallis, of the Met’s Specialist Crime, said: “Justin’s family have implored anyone with information to come forward, and I would do the same.

“We have a team of detectives ready to take your call, but we also understand that some people may not wish to speak to us directly. If this is the case, please call Crimestoppers without delay.

“They key to achieving justice for Justin is in the community.”

Anyone with information or who saw suspicious people or vehicles in the area at the time is asked to call the incident room on 0208 358 0400 or police on 101, quoting CAD 1446/Nov25/2019, or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

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