Justin Bieber Fans Target Girl Over Retweet

Justin Bieber Fans Target Girl Over Retweet

A British teenager has received death threats from Justin Bieber fans on Twitter after the singer retweeted one of her messages.

Courtney Barrasford, 15, from Hampshire, reportedly came back from a drama class where people had praised the latest acoustic album from the Canadian singer.

She listened to it and then posted a message on Twitter saying she liked it, despite not previously being a fan.

"Not really a fan of Justin Bieber but his acoustic album is actually good," she wrote.

Bieber retweeted the message to his 34 million Twitter followers and this prompted a barrage of jealous outrage.

Courtney was soon receiving insulting and threatening messages.

One fan of the 19-year-old pop star wrote: "I am a Belieber of him since 2009 and he didn’t notice me. And you’re not even a ******* fan. You get noticed. OMG."

Another wrote to Bieber: "U notice her n she’s not even a fan. I am but you won’t notice me Can anyone hear me crying?"

Despite the backlash Courtney received on Twitter, other Bieber fans were shocked at the jealous comments.

One fan said: "Wow I'm sorry for the way some of Justin's fans are treating you. There are some good ones tho.. I hope you're ok!"

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