Justin Bieber and wife Hailey shoot hoops at Universal Studios Hollywood

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Justin Bieber shrugged off the reaction to his divisive dreadlocks and showed off his basketball skills as he shot hoops with wife Hailey cheered him on.

The popstar rocked a unique hairstyle, with his hair in pigtails, while taking his shots outside The Simpsons ride at Universal Studios Hollywood theme park in Los Angeles [May 3]. 

Hitmaker Bieber, 27, sported an eye-catching tangerine tracksuit, while his model spouse Hailey, 24, donned a more lowkey look, in black trousers with a matching cardigan. 

He shot nine basketball hoops in just 30 seconds while Hailey looked on and fans gathered around him. 

An onlooker, who caught the moment on video, said: "He had the dreads. The bright orange tracksuit. H was very noticeable. 

"He didn't seem bothered by the crowd. He seemed kind of used to it. 

"I would say that he got almost all of the balls through the hoop." 

The Canadian pop star debuted his new hairstyle on Instagram last week with some social media users calling his decision to wear his hair in dreadlocks "cultural appropriation". 

Others decided it was simply a 'bad look'. 

One fan wrote: "Time for a new hairdo bro! Just saying."