Justin Long 'cuffed and shoved' by 'intense' police in case of mistaken identity

 (Getty Images for Tribeca Film Fe)
(Getty Images for Tribeca Film Fe)

Actor Justin Long has revealed that he was handcuffed outside his home in Los Angeles in a case of mistaken identity.

The star, who was living with fellow actor Jonah Hill at the time, spoke about how police officers threatened and manhandled him in a case of mistaken identity.

Speaking on the Barstool Sports podcast, the Dodgeball star told the hosts that he opened his front door to three officers at his home who proceeded to grab, cuff and shove him before showing him an ID of a wanted man they believed was him.

Despite his efforts to prove they had the wrong person, they continued with an "intense" interrogation.

"They said 'are you telling us that this isn't you?' and shined the light on a mugshot of a guy," said Long. "He was an Asian man and I said 'I'm not Asian'. It should've been as simple as that."

He continued: "One of them went inside to get my ID. I was living with Jonah Hill at the time.

"He went past where my ID was and I didn't want him to wake up Jonah, so I told him you went past it and I stood up."

Long shared the incident days after his emotional reunion with ex Drew Barrymore (Getty)
Long shared the incident days after his emotional reunion with ex Drew Barrymore (Getty)

Acting out what happened next, he added: "The really most aggressive one, he grabbed me and shoved me down, and he goes 'sit the f*** down!'

"I got nervous and started laughing a little and he goes 'do you think this is funny? Well you're not gonna be laughing when you're getting **** in jail.'"

He recalled that the most officer then slowly realised who he was and asked if he was an actor and if he was in Dodgeball he became disarmed and offered to give him a high five, despite the star being in cuffs.

The actor, who did not sue the police department, said that while he can laugh at what happened retrospectively, it was very scary.

The admission follows his emotional reunion with ex-girlfriend Drew Barrymore on her chatshow.

The actress, 47, was recently joined by the 44-year-old actor, who she dated from 2007 until 2010, on The Drew Barrymore Show to reminisce about the ‘hedonistic’ days of their relationship.