Justin Timberlake rocks halftime show with Prince tribute and #Selfiekid

George Back
Producer, Yahoo Entertainment

Justin Timberlake brought sexy back to the Super Bowl halftime show, and this time it was nipple-free. Timberlake put on quite the performance as he danced and shuffled through some of his most popular songs. But there were two moments that everyone was talking about.

Because the Super Bowl took place in Minneapolis, Minn., Timberlake thought it would be the perfect place to perform a tribute to Prince. As Timberlake sat at the piano, a giant banner showed a Prince singing “I Would Die 4 You.”

While many on Twitter liked the tribute, diehard Prince fans lamented it. Prince was vocal about his wish not to being exploited after he died. This is why fans tweeted things like, “To honor #Prince would be to respect his wishes, not to capitalize off of him for your own name. #JustinTimberlake is disgusting.”

The other big moment from the show was #Selfiekid. While Timberlake was performing “Can’t Stop the Feeling,” he made one young man very happy. After dancing with the teenager, he allowed the kid to take a selfie with him. But instead of being in the moment and continuing to sing and dance with Timberlake, the kid immediately started texting and posting. The Twitterverse erupted with the new hashtag #Selfiekid

Despite some griping, which is unavoidable, Timberlake’s performance was well received.

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