Justin Verlander gets $1 million 'Dodger Killer' surcharge at Beverly Hills restaurant

Houston Astros pitcher Justin Verlander had what turned out to be a very expensive meal on Friday. A very, very expensive meal.

Verlander is in Los Angeles with the rest of the Astros, who are playing the Los Angeles Angels over the weekend. But being in L.A. means they’re also in Los Angeles Dodgers country. Verlander posted a picture on Instagram of the check he got at the end of a meal at the Beverly Hills Hotel, and it looks like there was a Dodgers fan or two working there who hadn’t forgotten how Verlander and the Astros devastated the Dodgers in the 2017 World Series.

Yes, Verlander was charged a $1 million “Dodger Killer” fee. Being a World Series hero in Houston might get him a free meal, but in Los Angeles, a city crushed by the ultimate playoff loss, it gets him the costliest meal of his entire life. The tax alone is more than $95,000!

Looking at Verlander’s response, it doesn’t seem like he actually had to pay the Beverly Hills Hotel almost $1.1 million for a late breakfast consisting of pancakes, eggs, juice and two “McCarthy Salads” (which at $42 each must be sprinkled with cheese made of gold). And since Verlander is in L.A. for the weekend, Dodgers fans in the area have several days to find other ways to remind Verlander how very sad he’s made them. Maybe a frowny face emoji cake baked with the tears of Dodgers fans? The possibilities are endless.

Justin Verlander got an expensive surprise on his check at the end of a meal at the Beverly Hills Hotel. (Photo by Jason O. Watson/Getty Images)

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