K-9 officer’s final radio sign-off as he retires after eight ‘successful’ years of service

A K-9 police officer recieved his final radio sign-off as he retired from Hernando County Sheriff’s Office following eight years of service.

In the footage, Justice the dog is seen sitting in the back of a police vehicle as the radio dispatcher recounts his achievements during his “very successful career”.

“Justice has had 215 apprehensions,” the speaker says before hailing the dog for locating 18.5 kilograms of marijuana, three grams of heroin, 132.1 grams of cocaine, 41.3 grams of opioids, 695 grams of meth, 24.8 grams of ecstasy and 3.2 kilograms of hashish throughout his career.

“K-9 Justice, enjoy your well-deserved retirement,” she added.

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