Kai Fagan and Sanam Harrinanan never thought they'd win Love Island

Kai Fagan and Sanam Harrinanan thought Ron Hall and Lana Jenkins would win 'Love Island'.

The loved-up duo won the coveted crown on Monday night (13.03.23) - but Sanam feels that Ron and Lana are "so compatible" as a couple.

Asked who she thought would win, Sanam replied: "We thought Tom and Samie, or Ron and Lana. As a viewer before I came in I thought Ron and Lana’s journey was really lovely. Even being in the villa with them, you can see how genuine they are for one another. I think they are so compatible and so cute - I am rooting for them, because I know it’s real.

"With Tom and Samie they have also been through a journey but they also just look so good together. They are hot! They got sexiest couple and I thought, yeah, you might as well just win, ha!"

Kai and Sanam are now determined to make their relationship work in the outside world.

Sanam, 24, also revealed that they're keen to move in together at some stage.

She said: "That is something I want to work towards.

"I’ve spoken to Kai as well and I would love to work on building us up more on the outside and then work towards moving in together."

What's more, Kai revealed that he's willing to change his life in order to be with Sanam.

He shared: "I’ve always said for the right girl and the right relationship you would move anywhere.

"If you’ve got a connection with someone and want to spend time with someone wherever they are it’s going to feel like home. Living in Bedford is no issue!"