Kangaroo Bashes Fence While Hopping Out of Backyard

A kangaroo made a less-than-graceful leap to get out of a backyard in suburban Adelaide recently, with video showing it crashing into a fence as it made its escape.

Cassandra Brockhoff filmed the kangaroo’s ungainly exit and posted the video on TikTok.

“I was filling up the kettle and looking out into the yard and saw the kangaroo trying to jump the fence on the left of the video. I ran to get my phone and came out the back door and it was down the back of the yard and headed towards the left side of the yard again,” Brockhoff said.

The kangaroo jumped the fence into her neighbor’s yard, but cut its feet on the metal barrier in the process. Brockhoff went to check on the animal, but it was already hopping away, she said. Credit: Cassandra Brockhoff via Storyful

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