Kangaroo Hilariously Shoos Sister Out of Flower Bed at Queensland Wildlife Center

A prim kangaroo did not appreciate her sister’s mischief at a Queensland animal rescue center, and quite literally knocked some sense into her for standing in a flower bed.

Claudia Thorne, who helps rehabilitate animals with rescue service Wally’s Wildlife, recorded footage of cheeky roo Bean standing pretty among the flowers.

Sister Peanut watches disapprovingly, knowing that she is not allowed, and gives her sibling a slap — prompting Bean to jump out of the flower bed.

“Oh dear, Miss Bean’s in the garden again, and Miss Peanut knows she shouldn’t be,” Thorne wrote in the video caption.

It appears that Peanut really does not have time for such blatant disrespect for the rules, having reprimanded Bean in a similar manner for standing in the flowers in the past.

Let’s hope that Bean has learned her lesson this time around…. Credit: Wally’s Wildlife via Storyful

Video transcript


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