Roo on the run: kangaroo hops around police in airport car park

It is unknown whether the kangaroo was planning to board a flight.

A kangaroo made police hopping mad during a crazy chase in Melbourne Airport's car park.

Bemused tourists looked on at the particularly incongruous sighting of the country's most famous indigenous animal.

The three-year-old creature managed to evade officers as he bounced between vehicles until a wildlife officer eventually subdued him.

Manfred Zabinskas successfully shot the animal with a tranquiliser gun before assessing him.

The kangaroo will be kept in captivity and observed to check he is healthy before being released back into the wild.

It is unknown whether he was planning a full getaway by boarding a flight.

He's not the first kangaroo to have invaded the airport car park. On October 21 last year one made it to level five of the carpark before he was sedated by a ranger.

And last month another animal made an unexpected appearance in a car park. Stylish monkey Darwin captured the attention of the world when he was spotted in an IKEA carpark in Toronto, Canada.