Kangaroo Takes a Dip in Backyard Pool

A kangaroo took a dip in the backyard pool of a home in Seaford Rise, Adelaide, surprising residents. Jayden Sawtell, 20, told Storyful that he spotted the roo as he was getting ready to go to work in the morning of October 14.

Sawtell said the animal seemed anxious at first, so he unsuccessfully attempted to help it out of the pool with a broom.

Sawtell recorded this video after the kangaroo had “settled down.” He can be heard behind the camera saying, “There’s a kangaroo in my… pool man… What the Hell?”

Sawtell added that it’s not uncommon to see kangaroos around his home, as he lives close to a farm. Nonetheless, his younger sister was “freaking out” at the kangaroo in the pool, and FaceTimed her mum to tell her.

After around five minutes, Sawtell said, the kangaroo got out of the pool itself and “went on its way down the road.” Credit: Jayden Sawtell via Storyful