Kansas man shot dead after his dog stepped on a rifle


A man has died after a dog stepped on a rifle and shot him, in a tragic hunting accident.

The victim has been named as Joseph Smith, a 30-year-old Kansas plumber who died at the scene on Tuesday (January 24).

Smith was found slumped in the front passenger seat after being struck by the stray bullet.

It is unknown who owned the truck or the dog or who called emergency services.

Emergency services were called to give CPR to the victim but were, unfortunately, unable to revive him and he later died at the scene near Geuda Springs.

Smith was a plumber at Browns Plumbing Services in Wichita, and the company’s owner, Chris Brown, gave a touching tribute.

Brown wrote on a GoFundMe to help Smith’s family to cover his funeral costs and said: “Joe is absolutely the most unique individual I have had the pleasure of meeting. He was loved by all of us from all walks of life and loved the same.

“He made us laugh every morning whether it was at him or because of him he always made sure to be a positive light at my company. No matter how bad or stressful my or our day was, Joe always had something to lift our spirits.”

‌‌Officials added that the accident appears to have been hunting-related, with supplies found in the back of the vehicle.

The Summer Country Sheriff’s office said in a statement: “A canine belonging to the owner of the pick-up stepped on the rifle, causing the weapon to discharge.

“The fired round struck the passenger, who died of his injuries on scene.

“The investigation is ongoing, but the preliminary investigation shows it to be a hunting-related accident.”

The man’s friend and co-worker, Jessica, also paid tribute; “Joseph Smith was a truly amazing man. He was kind, funny, smart, and very loving. Every time he walked through the door, he would make someone smile.”