Kanye West Is a Big Fan of Naughty Party Game Cards Against Humanity

Kanye West is a notoriously profane rapper, and many of his funniest lines are seriously NSFW. I mean, remember the one in “Famous” about him wanting to have sex with Taylor Swift?

So is it that surprising that he’s a fan of a vulgar party game? In a new interview for Refinery29 with Kim Kardashian’s assistant, Stephanie Shepherd, she talks about a time when Kanye was fiending for Cards Against Humanity, a game in which you give awful answers to equally messed-up situations.

She said, “Once, we were in San Francisco and Kanye was obsessed with that game Cards Against Humanity. I didn’t ask questions; I just figured out where the hell to find the game in San Francisco.”

Last year, Jaden Smith posted a photo on his website of Kanye playing the game. And some people have even used the rapper in the actual game.

Later in the interview, Shepherd sticks up for ’Ye’s sense of humor, since he has a reputation for looking pissed off:

“I know everyone thinks he’s so deep and serious, but he’s also so funny, like he has me rolling laughing and sometimes I’m like, Is this inappropriate that I’m laughing so hard? But he’s just so f***ing hilarious.”

In other entertainment news, Avril Lavigne is still alive, contrary to a popular conspiracy theory:

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