Kanye West has just debuted his new Yeezy season 7 shoe collection on Twitter

Sabrina Carder
Splash News/ Yeezy Supply

If you haven't already heard, Kanye West is back on Twitter.

After posting numerous cryptic (and oh-so-Kanye) motivational sayings and announcing new music projects, he got down to business by showcasing Yeezy's new summer shoe range.

Although several of the styles confused the Internet (and you'll see why in a minute), no matter how avant-garde they are, it will only be a matter of time before his wife, Kim Kardashian, wears them.

Increasingly his muse, Kim previously modelled his entire Season 6 collection along with a Kim clone army, and can be spotted wearing Yeezy's signature muted tones on a day-to-day basis.

So, we're guessing these unreleased items will be the next additions in Kim's shoe closet and here's why:

The Dad Trainers

It's no secret that ugly trainers have taken the catwalks and streetwear scene by storm in recent months due to the success of Balenciaga's Triple S Sneaker.

Kanye is now serving up his own summer dad shoe, with a new take on his popular Mud Rat 500 style.

Kim is already a fan, having debuted them back in October 2017.

She continues to style the chunky footwear, recently pairing them with a fashion-forward look (mostly probably head-to-toe Yeezy) on a trip to Japan with her sisters, Khloe and Kourtney.

Plus, having recently dyed her hair bubblegum pink, we think Mrs West will welcome the new on-trend lavender and millennial pink hues.

The Plastic Shoe

Unsurprisingly, this image has caused quite a lot of debate on Twitter over the past 24 hours.

Likened to Polly Pocket footwear and acrylic book cases, we've since come to the conclusion that the plastic shoe looks like it's been made out of the sort of Perspex stand that's usually used to display shoes in shops. Definitely forward thinking.

Kanye is well known for his love of plastic footwear, and continues to create multiple styles even though his creation of see-through boots caused havoc at his Season 4 catwalk show.

But, the unpractical side doesn't seem to faze Kim, who continues to sport the PVC stilettos, which cost an average $800 a pair.

The Slides

Plastic isn't the only unusual material Yeezy Season 7 seems to boast, as Kanye also unveiled a pair of rubber slides.

We all know how much Kim loves to be in a bikini, so consequently, her wardrobe is filled to the brim with poolside-appropriate slides.

The new Croc-esque style surprisingly eschews Kanye's neutral palette, adding a splash of royal blue.

And by the looks of Kanye's studio snap that isn't the only shade being added to the Yeezy line-up this season.

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