Kanye West ‘not in the right place’, it’s irresponsible to interview him – Akon

Akon has said recent interviews with Kanye West have been “irresponsible” and that the US rapper is currently “not in the right place”.

The Senegalese-American singer sought to clarify recent comments he made in which he appeared to defend the views of the rapper, saying he condemns all forms of hate.

It comes after West, who has legally changed his name to Ye, gave an interview with US conspiracy theorist Alex Jones last week in which he praised Nazi leader Adolf Hitler.

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Kanye West (Ashley Landis/AP))

Akon, who is a personal friend of West, previously told Sky News that the rapper’s latest comments did not concern him “because they do not affect me personally”.

But speaking to Channel 4 News he said he had been caught off guard by questions about the rapper and that his responses had been taken out of context.

“That answer wasn’t based on what it was painted to be,” Akon told Channel 4.

“You know, Kanye makes a remark every day. You can’t keep up with all the offensive remarks that he’s making.

“And I felt that it was very unfair to take that one remark and apply it to my answer when I had no idea that’s what he said 24 hours ago.”

Asked about his relationship with West, he replied: “I know him personally. I don’t believe he’s in the right place.

“Honestly, it’s very irresponsible to interview him, I don’t believe that anything he says people should take to heart.

“Anyone that knows me knows that me and Kanye are nowhere near the same.

“We have totally different views. I would never, in any circumstance, hold the same position as Kanye in that matter.

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Akon (Hugo Philpott/PA)

“It wasn’t him that I was supporting. It was the opinion of people and having the right to have your own opinion. I didn’t know that it was going to be connected to something that he specifically said.

“I condemn hate. Period. I don’t care who – if my mother hated, I wouldn’t agree with my mum.”

Last week West had his Twitter account suspended after violating the platform’s policy against inciting violence, after a series of erratic tweets, one of which appeared to show a symbol combining a swastika and a Jewish star.

His previous antisemitic remarks have resulted in the termination of lucrative partnerships including with German sportswear brand Adidas.