Kanye West Says "Reading Is Like Eating Brussel Sprouts"

In an appearance on Alo Yoga’s podcast Alo Mind Full, Kanye West revealed that he has never read a book. West, who is now known as Ye, said reading is “like eating Brussel sprouts” for him but talking is “like getting the Giorgio Baldi corn ravioli”. Ye admitted that he only reads the first and last sentences of long text messages. He expressed frustration about being asked to speak proper English. It's the Tower of Babylon. English, y'know. The idea of having to speak correct English, like, you're not going to respect what I'm saying, even though you know what I'm saying, Kanye West. During his appearance on the podcast, Ye spoke about Donda Academy and education. He believes that schools should balance “standard curriculums” with forms of learning that “allow for self-confidence”. The rapper also criticized Gap and Adidas claiming that they are “part of a bigger plan to marginalize American companies and American industry”.