Kat's enemies make plans to kill her

Daniel Kilkelly
Photo credit: Channel 5

From Digital Spy

McCarthy arrives at Kat's apartment to inform her that another witness has been killed in the corruption case. Kat is stunned and wonders whether this means she needs to testify, but this news doesn't impress Robbo. Soon afterwards, Kat and Robbo debate the trial. Robbo is worried about Kat and the baby and doesn't want her to testify, but Kat makes it clear that it's not his decision to make and he storms off.

Later, Robbo returns to Kat's to apologise. Kat feels that it's her responsibility to testify, but the baby is getting in her way. Robbo pleads with her not to and she finally agrees.

However, Robbo later arrives back to Kat's and finds that she has agreed to testify in the case after all. It seems Robbo is right to be worried, as Novak receives a call to take Kat out.

Meanwhile, Ryder is alright after his fall, but Alf and Roo try to understand what has happened. Roo insists that Ryder should see a doctor in the morning. Roo comes to the Pier Diner to question Coco and Raffy about Ryder's behaviour. She then moves over to John and Marilyn to continue. They're all concerned about what might be wrong with Ryder. Could it be drugs?

Elsewhere, the Astonis go to breakfast with Diana. Ben and Maggie try to find the moment to tell her she has to leave. They sense that Diana is acting strangely and catch on to the fact that she may have heard their conversation last night. Maggie later learns from an obviously upset Diana that her father is about to get married again, and agrees with Ben that she can stay after all.

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