Kat receives a big new shock over Robbo

Daniel Kilkelly
Photo credit: Channel 5

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Forensics find that Robbo's blood was on the boat, along with blood from another unidentified person. The amount of blood leads the police to believe the other person didn't survive. Now that it's clear something bad has happened, they need to bring Robbo in for questioning, but the quiz doesn't yield any successful results.

When Kat drops Robbo home after his interview, he tells her that he understands if she wants to end things as she didn't sign up for this, but she says she trusts the man sitting with her now.

Later, the police find out that the boat was owned by Robbo's ex-girlfriend, who was found dead. Kat goes back to the boat to have another look with Scarlett and they find a gun.

Back at the station, Kat is called in by her boss, who asks how close she and Robbo have become. Kat's boss also asks if she has had contact with Dylan Carter. She says no, as she is testifying against him. It turns out the gun is owned by Dylan, proving that both he and Robbo were on the boat.

Meanwhile, Leah challenges Tori by suggesting that if she really is over Ash, then she should ask someone out. This is exactly what Tori does when she sees a handsome stranger in line at the Diner. Justin then accidentally tells Ash about Tori's date, giving him all the details.

Not long afterwards, Ash turns up to spy on Tori during the date. He even ends up heading over to the bar to talk to Tori, which cuts her date short. As a result, an angry Tori storms out.

Photo credit: Channel 5

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