Kat and Robbo are shocked after finding a body

Daniel Kilkelly
Photo credit: Channel 5

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An official investigation is under way on Robbo's partner's house. Kat talks to a neighbour who recognises Robbo, but says that she hasn't seen him for a couple of months. Robbo blames himself for his girlfriend's death after finding his photo and clothes burned, thinking the worst of himself. However, Kat isn't buying it and promises they will figure this out together, as she believes he is a decent man.

Later, while checking in on Robbo, Kat finds out that Rose slipped into a diabetic coma. While Kat is relieved, Robbo has decided that he doesn't want to know any more about his past, as he isn't the same person he was. Kat disagrees with this, but can't persuade Robbo otherwise.

Meanwhile, Beth reveals to Mason that she is dying. She tells him that five years ago, she was diagnosed with a heart condition and is waiting for a transplant. Mason tells her not to give up hope and there's clearly a bond growing between the pair.

Elsewhere, feeling bad after eating an unhealthy lunch, Coco leaves to purge. However, the others think something is up – especially VJ, who leaves to follow her. As VJ approaches the bathrooms, he can hear Coco throwing up. When she comes out, he asks her point blank what she's doing.

Also today, after a talk with Hunter, Maggie reconsiders her opinion of Roo as a teacher.

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