Kate Forbes claims SNP MPs will ensure Labour government 'won't forget about Scotland'

Kate Forbes has claimed SNP MPs will ensure a future Labour government does not "forget about Scotland".

The Deputy First Minister used a campaign stop in Glasgow to insist her party was the only one "fronting up" to issues that Scots cared most about.

Speaking to the Record after formally opening a community shop in Linthouse, she said voters were pleading for a party "that recognises the pressures they are under, and will do something about it."

The SNP is trailing Labour in the polls with some surveys predicting it could lose all of its MPs in Glasgow.

Forbes said the Nationalists were defending a record of calling for a "fairer deal for the poorest in society".

"Keir Starmer is highly likely to be the next prime minister as we all vote en masse to get rid of this awful Tory Government," she said.

"The question for Scotland is who will put Scotland's interests first - and it's SNP MPs.

"On the issues we care about, like making a positive case for immigration, a positive case for the European Union, and a positive case for ending austerity, only the SNP are fronting up to those issues, and ultimately will hold Labour to account in Westminster."

"You look at what Keir Starmer is proposing compared to what Scots are crying out for.

"We want to see properly funded public services. And if all roads lead back to Westminster, as Wes Streeting would say, that means sorting out the funding at source.

"If Labour are to win, who do you want to put your interests first in Westminster, hold them to account, and ensure they don't forget about Scotland?"

Forbes also insisted the SNP's message was resonating with voters in places like Linthouse, which lies in the Glasgow South West constituency.

"They're talking about food poverty and the cost of living crisis," she said. And it's SNP MPs like Christ Stephens who have called for a fairer deal for the poorest in society.

"You look at our record. We have made difficult choices to invest in the Scottish Child Payment, which has lifted almost 100,000 children out of poverty. We've called repeatedly to end the two-child cap.

"And when Labour had the chance to do that, they doubled down on a Tory welfare policy.

"I think voters really are pleading for a party that recognises the pressures they are under, and will do something about it."

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