Kate Garraway in 'constant pain' as she takes on 'extraordinarily tough time'

Good Morning Britain's Kate Garraway has been battling "constant pain" since the loss of her husband Derek Draper, her co-star revealed.

Charlotte Hawkins opened up on how the ITV team have rallied around Kate amid her heartache. Charlotte shared: "When Kate lost her husband, Derek, in January, everyone pulled together to support her. She's been through an extraordinarily tough time."

Charlotte continued to Best Magazine: "When you lose someone that you love very much, it's constant pain. You wonder what the way forward will be it's not a question of getting over it, but learning to live with it."

After his health declined following long Covid complications, Derek, 56, left behind his wife Kate and their young children, Darcey and Billy.

Praising Kate's courage, the Daily Star reports Charlotte added: "It's going to take time for Kate to heal, but she knows we're all here for her."

Adding to her distress, Kate was confronted with the upsetting oversight of receiving a polling card this month intended for Derek, whilst she and her daughter Darcey, 18, received none.

Charlotte Hawkins
Charlotte Hawkins has been supporting her co-star alongside the team at ITV -Credit:GETTY

Kate shared her disappointment, saying: "I'm in a situation, I was very excited about it, I thought my daughter and I, who has turned 18 recently, could go and vote for the first time. She's now saying she doesn't think she did properly register. Polling cards have come through the door, I haven't had one for myself or her. The only polling card that's come through the door is for Derek, sadly, who's passed away."

She also expressed concern for others in similar situations: "Is there any way around that situation because there are many people saying 'I haven't received a card' or 'I have received a card I think but I can't remember and I don't know if I've lost it'. What do you do about registration at this late stage?" Unfortunately, it was too late for Kate to register to vote in the 2024 election.

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The sad news of Derek's passing was conveyed by Kate previously in a statement, which said: "I'm sad to have to tell you all that my darling husband Derek has passed away. As some of you may know he has been critically ill following a cardiac arrest in early December which, because of the damage inflicted by Covid in March 2020, led to further complications.

"Derek was surrounded by his family in his final days and I was by his side holding his hand throughout the last long hours and when he passed. I have so much more to say, and of course I will do so in due course, but for now I just want to thank all the medical teams who fought so hard to save him and to make his final moments as comfortable and dignified as possible.

"Sending so much love and thanks to all of you who have so generously given our family so much support. Rest gently and peacefully now Derek, my love, I was so lucky to have you in my life."

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