Kate Garraway flooded with support after ITV Good Morning Britain guest leaves her 'clearly shaken'

Kate Garraway has been flooded with support after breaking her silence following a ITV Good Morning Britain guest rushing to comfort her live on air. ITV star Kate, who is one of the GMB line up, spoke out on Instagram in the wake of D-Day coverage.

Mum-of-two Kate said: "One final thank you… to the incredible @gmb team in Normandy & back in the studio for caring enough to make our @gmb #dayday80 special happen despite MASSIVE technical problems - but particularly the team on the ground for going with my bonker’s ideas , despite it meaning getting up before dawn in the pouring rain & gettting soaking wet when the tide cut us off!!!

"AND managing to hide how bonkers they REALLY thought it was … well … MOST of the time !!!!" In reply, a fan told her: "Well done Kate & all the team. Never to be forgotten, our fallen heroes. god bless xx." A second typed: "Go Kate you amaze me all the time what you do I don’t know how you manage it xx."

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Kate, 57, spoke to a former Bombardier in the Royal Artillery named John Life. The 100-year-old war veteran was close to tears and choked up as he retold his memories from D-Day, in 1944. Once their interview drew to a close and the camera panned back to Kate, the host revealed John had given her his condolences for the death of Derek Draper.

Kate said: "One of the first things he said was: 'I'm so sorry for your loss' to me, about the passing of Derek, my husband." Clearly shaken by the encounter, she added: "The idea that he knew that and thought of that with all that he'd been through, I just said to him 'there would have been no Derek as it was, there would have been no me, there would have no any of our lives without what you did'.

"And he cried, we held hands."