Kate Winslet’s Daughter Is ‘Extremely Jealous’ Of Her

Kate Winslet has revealed that there is a bit of mother-daughter rivalry in her household, with her fifteen-year-old daughter, Mia, being wildly jealous of her actress mother’s newest gig.

Speaking on This Morning, Kate opened up about her role in ‘The Dressmaker’, which she stars in alongside a sometimes-shirtless Liam Hemsworth, who Mia just so happens to have a major crush on.

Kate with her daughter back in 2010 [Copyright: Rex]

The 40-year-old star admitted that she didn’t exactly know who Liam was before he was cast in the film, with her teen giving her all the details on The Hunger Games actor.

Kate explained: “It’s only because of her that I know the name of the character that Liam plays in ‘The Hunger Games’ - I wouldn’t have had a clue otherwise! And it’s rather alarming that she is actually closer in age to Liam than I am…

“She only pointed that out to me the other day, and I was like, 'Oh shhh!’ But Liam is a lovely, lovely guy, much is made of how he looks and he’s physically extremely beautiful but he’s a fabulous chap and was really up for mucking in with the rest of us.

“But my daughter Mia was extremely jealous, along with all of her friends.”

And to be honest, who could blame her?