Katharine McPhee reveals whether she and David Foster want more children

Katharine McPhee reveals whether she and David Foster want more children

Katharine McPhee has opened up about whether she and her husband, David Foster, plan on having another baby.

The 38-year-old singer revealed that she’s open to having a second child during Friday’s episode of The Jennifer Hudson Show. She shares 23-month-old son, Rennie, with Foster.

“I would love to have another baby, but we’ll see,” she told Jennifer Hudson, according to People. “We’re not in any crazy rush, but I hope so.”

McPhee then shared her candid thoughts on motherhood, revealing that she “loves” being a mother. “I love being a mom, I really love it,” she said.

During the conversation, Hudson also asked if McPhee’s son could “sing like” his mother. In response, the songwriter said: “So far, I would say his singing isn’t his strong suit. I mean, he’s under two, so I’m not trying to be too critical here.”

McPhee’s comments come weeks after her husband opened up about being a father to a toddler at the age of 73. Along with Rennie, Foster has five adult daughters, Allison, 52, Amy, 49, Sara, 41, Erin, 40, and Jordan, 36, from his previous relationships.

During a recent interview with People, he explained how raising a child “at this point of [his] life” is “different,” while comparing it to the age he was when he had his daughters.

“I still work, I’m still gone a lot, but maybe the time is a little more precious to me because I got more runway behind me than I have ahead of me now,” he said.

“The Best of Me” singer also acknowledged that, although he won’t be there for Rennie’s adult years, he still feels like he has something valuable to “offer” his son.

“I think that I can offer one thing to Rennie even though I won’t be around when he’s 50 or 40 even, or 30 maybe,” he revealed. “I think I can offer him wisdom from my 72 years on the planet. And maybe that’s not a bad trade-off. I hope so.”

He also confessed that “patience” has been the key to raising Renni, which he said he did not have when parenting his daughters, because he “was arrogant and just on the move”.

Foster and McPhee, who got married in 2019, announced the birth of their son in February 2021.

Rennie’s birth also came months after Foster publicly addressed criticism he and his wife have faced over their age gap of 35 years. Speaking to USAToday in July 2020, Foster said that he and McPhee wouldn’t let the age difference, or online critics, affect them.

“Look, we have haters on social media, and there’s not a person around that’s not going to make some comment about the age difference,” he said. “But there are so many things that can bring a marriage down: It can be financial, it can be children, it can be geography, it can be infidelity.”

“And one of them is age difference, but that’s our only problem,” he continued. “Everything else is in line, so it’s not going to bring us down.”