Kathmandu Residents Care for City's Homeless Dogs

A group of residents in the Nepalese capital Kathmandu have taken it upon themselves to care for the city’s stray dogs, preparing warm food and bringing it to the animals on a daily basis.

Saman Shrestha and his friends have been doing this since lockdown restrictions were introduced in the country in March, capturing images of their work to highlight the plight of abandoned dogs in the process.

Shrestha filmed the group’s routine over multiple days leading up to Christmas and posted it on Facebook.

In the footage, the dogs can be seen scavenging for food in garbage heaps before swarming the locals bringing food.

“Winter is coming and there are thousands of [newborn] puppies on the street who have no proper shelter and source of food to survive,” Shrestha wrote alongside the Facebook video.

“We are trying to make warm shelter and feed every street dog with warm and healthy cooked food which is possible only if we unite together and help us serve them and reach every street dog and end their suffering on street.” Credit: Kathmandu Locals via Storyful