Kathy Burke: 'Cheryl would sell more records if she hadn’t punched a toilet attendant'

The comedian doesn’t mince her words. (PA Images)
The comedian doesn’t mince her words. (PA Images)

It’s been a tough week for Cheryl. The former Girls Aloud member was widely blasted for her live performance of ‘Love Made Me Do It’ on X Factor and it sparked over 40 Ofcom complaints. Her debut single from her upcoming album peaked at number 19 on the Official Singles Charts and as of Thursday 22nd November, it sits at number 48 on the same charts.

And comedian Kathy Burke thinks the singer’s spell of bad sales can all be narrowed down to one big mistake in Cheryl’s past – punching a toilet attendant.

Cheryl, then Cheryl Tweedy, infamously punched a toilet attendant in a nightclub in Guildford, Surrey back in 2003 and was found guilty of assault occasioning actual bodily harm.

Burke directly blamed the shocking crime on Cheryl’s current stalling record sales in a recent tweet. Published on Wednesday (November 21), the Gimme, Gimme, Gimme star wrote: “Maybe if Cheryl hadn’t punched that toilet attendant more people would buy her records.”

She even replied to one of the 1,800+ replies she’s received so far to the tweet with: “This big old elephant never forgets.”

And to another that called her comment a ‘cheap shot’ with ‘Punching toilet attendants isn’t nice, babe.’

This comes days after an interview with The Guardian in which Cheryl blasted bringing up the 16-year-old convicted crime as ‘boring’ and ‘old news.’ She also said she didn’t think people were interested or talking about it anymore.

This isn’t the first time a celebrity has called out Cheryl’s past criminal record. When model Munroe Bergdorf’s was dropped from L’Oreal for calling ‘all white people racist,’ she hit back by pointing out the alleged hypocrisy that the brand still had Cheryl as an ambassador.

“I shouldn’t be sacked for calling out racism when I was in a campaign that was meant to be championing diversity. Especially when I was speaking about the violence of white people, but they’ve got Cheryl Cole on the campaign and she was actively convicted for punching a black woman in the face,” she said.

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