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Kathy Burke criticises Boris Johnson for laughing during talks about war in Ukraine

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Kathy Burke has criticised prime minister Boris Johnson for laughing during a speech about the conflict in Ukraine.

During chancellor Rishi Sunak’s Spring Statement on Wednesday [23 March], when he began discussing the Ukraine war, Johnson can be seen chuckling behind him.

Burke retweeted a clip of the moment and said: “Apparently this is what they do in parliament, all parties, whatever the subject. With people terrified as to what they’re going to do about rising fuel/food prices and people elsewhere getting bombed out of their homes.”

She added: “Maybe it’s time they just f****** stopped. ALL of them.”

Burke has been a consistent critic of Johnson and the Conservative government. The Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy actor has previously called Johnson a “charlatan” for his response to the Covid-19 crisis.

She has also said: “It’s common sense not to vote Tory in the first f***ing place.”

LBC presenter James O’Brien also commented on the clip, saying: “What the feck is wrong with him?”

The clip has sparked outrage on social media, with other users branding Johnson “an abhorrent individual” and a “Deeply unpleasant man. Seems to have a missing empathy emotion.”

Another tweeted: “That whole archaic setup needs to be shut down, turn the building into a museum and have MP’s etc in a new building that isn’t ingrained with 16th century values, where yaah booing at each other like kids is not allowed as a viable way of running the country!”

The Independent has contacted the Prime Minister’s spokesperson for comment.

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