Katie Hopkins Gets SUED For £24,000 And It’s Kind Of Amazing

Now for a bit of news that we suspect will make QUITE a lot of you punch the air with joy – Katie Hopkins has been sued for £24,000.

Food blogger and activist Jack Monroe successfully sued the professional rent-a-gob after Hopkins tweeted false claims about her following the desecration of a war memorial in 2015.

After claiming that Hopkins’ tweets resulted in death threats towards her as well as causing ‘serious harm’ to her reputation, Jack was awarded the money following a ruling at the High Court in London.

The blogger has initially wanted to settle at £5,000 – which was to be donated to 'migrant rescue’ – along with a public apology, neither of which was forthcoming.

Seemingly, Katie’s pig-headed nature has ended up costing her more than she thought it would.

Hopkins tweeted Jack publicly back in May 2015 after she apparently 'confused’ her with another Guardian columnist who claimed to have no issue with someone defacing a war memorial with anti-Tory slogans.

'Scrawled on any memorials recently? Vandalised the memory of those who fought for your freedom[?] Grandma got any more medals?’, Katie wrote – then deleting the tweet and calling Jack 'social anthrax’.

Might want to pay attention next time, eh Hoppo?