Katie Piper Admits That Her Baby Daughter Belle Is 'Curious' About Her Acid Attack

Katie Piper was over the moon when she welcomed her baby daughter Belle twenty months ago, and it seems that her little bundle of joy is growing up fast.

In fact, Katie has admitted that despite Belle’s young age, she’s already curious about her mum’s horrifying acid attack that she suffered in 2008.

Following the attack, 32-year-old Katie has been forced to undergo painful surgery and has frequent hospital appointments that she takes her tot along to, recently undergoing a nose operation that has left her needing to wear breathing tubes for at least two years.

Speaking on Lorraine earlier today, Katie explained: “It’s coming up I can feel it because we were on holiday last week and she pulled my nose tubes out and threw them across the room, so she’s noticing different things so I’m sure as she starts to put more sentences together maybe she will ask things.

"But that’s fine, I’m just going to be the same with her as I am with everybody in my life and it’s just part of me and who I am.”

And after marrying her long-term boyfriend, Richard Sutton, in November last year, Katie is already looking forward to another milestone - a baby brother or sister for Belle.

The star added: “I think it’s a blessing to have the one and I’m sure she would love a sibling - I’m one of three and I know it’s so nice to have that relationship.”

Speaking about the wedding she continued: “It was amazing and we postponed it so many times because I had all these problems with my throat so in the end we were able to go through with it.

"It had been quite a difficult year health-wise so it was a nice way to end the year and it was a small thing, close friends and family.

"Second only to the birth of our daughter, marrying Richie has been one of the best days of my life. I am so happy to have shared it with my close friends and family.”