Katie Piper ‘Frustrated’ After Being Hospitalised

Poor Katie Piper.

The inspirational TV presenter has taken to her social media channels to share her frustration for being hospitalised when her sixteen-month-old daughter Belle is sick.

It’s not your fault, Katie.

The star first of all revealed that after spending the evening in A&E she was forced to spend the night in hospital, posting a black and white photo of herself on a bed alongside the caption: “Evening spent in A&E now been moved into hospital!

“More problems with my stent! #burnsurvivorlife #boring #painful”.

A stent is a small mesh tube that’s used to treat narrow or weak arteries, with Katie suffering from various medical issues after being the victim of a brutal acid attack in 2008.

To make matters worse, Katie tweeted this morning that her baby daughter had been poorly in the night, writing: “Typical I’m stuck in hospital and poor Belle was sick in her bed last night!!! #frustrated”

Katie recently admitted that Belle is “curious” about her acid attack, revealing during an appearance on Lorraine: “It’s coming up I can feel it because we were on holiday last week and she pulled my nose tubes out and threw them across the room.

“So she’s noticing different things so I’m sure as she starts to put more sentences together maybe she will ask things.

“But that’s fine, I’m just going to be the same with her as I am with everybody in my life and it’s just part of me and who I am.”

Get well soon, Katie!