Katie Piper has the perfect explanation for daughter confused by her post-pregnancy bump

Earlier this month, Katie Piper took to social media to reveal her post-pregnancy body, defiantly writing that she is in no rush to diet after giving birth to her and husband Richard Sutton’s second daughter, Penelope, in December.

Now Katie has taken to Instagram to share that her three-year-old daughter, Belle, has been left confused by her post-pregnancy bump.

Katie is no rush to lose her post-pregnancy bump. Copyright: [Rex]
Katie is no rush to lose her post-pregnancy bump. Copyright: [Rex]

Luckily, quick-thinking Katie had the perfect explanation, telling her toddler that her tummy is now full of sweet treats.

Sharing a photo of herself cuddling baby Penelope, Katie wrote: “Ballet done, swimming lessons with two of them in tow now – all on 4 hours sleep!!! When you realise a working day was easy compared to this.”

One fan commented: “I honestly love your pictures. You actually look like most women after having a baby. I look at some celebs and felt depressed after having my little boy – ‘why didn’t my bump go down quick enough like them’!

“It was awful, the way some of the media photos make you feel. You look fantastic!!!”

A post shared by katiepiper_ (@katiepiper_) on Jan 20, 2018 at 3:26am PST

Katie replied: “My daughter keeps asking me what’s in my tummy now the baby is out!! I tell her it’s cake!”

A woman after our own heart.

Earlier this month, Katie stunned her followers when she shared a photo of herself showing off her tiny frame in a skintight floral dress just weeks after giving birth.

Noticing the confusion, Katie quickly returned to her social media page to set the record straight, revealing that the image had actually been a throwback as she defiantly and proudly displayed her post-baby body whilst she cradled her newborn.

A post shared by katiepiper_ (@katiepiper_) on Jan 10, 2018 at 10:02am PST

The star wrote: “I posted a throwback picture of me yesterday and lots of you commented on what you thought was my post baby body and asked how I have lost so much weight.

“I wanted to let you know, well, I haven’t and it was an old picture!

“This is me today; healthy, tired but very happy!!”

Katie went on to add that she is not concerned about returning to her post-pregnancy size, continuing: “I’m not not dieting at the moment as I am breastfeeding.

Katie and Richard have two daughters together. Copyright: [Rex]
Katie and Richard have two daughters together. Copyright: [Rex]

“We are faced with so many images each day on Instagram, some good and some bad, and I want my page to be a profile that is enjoyed by lots of different people from all walks of life in a positive way.

“So this is me and has been since I gave birth, and probably will be for a while – elasticated PJ bottoms in the daytime.”

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