Katie Price avoids bankruptcy after reaching a deal to pay off her debts

Chris Edwards
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    Baron DarkLight
    'She hopes to be in a position' yeah we all know what position that'll be.
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    A new book on the horizon.
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    The rise and fall of Katie Price,

    1: Page 3 girl
    2: Kiss and Tell girl selling stories on 1 night stands with dean gaffney
    3: Top of the world making 50,000 grand for days work getting boobs
    4: Trying to live on former fame doing talk shows
    5: Bankrupt because nobody wants to pay money for a 40 somthing year old with 5 kids to get her kit off.
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    I feel sorry for her kids. She was more interested in sleeping around and partying. It was always definitely going to end in tears.
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    I like her tenacity but in a couple of more years she will look more like Pete Burns.
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    how boring there are more important things in life than publicity regarding her. Up North with food banks etc homeless people and this news gets thrust down our throats . Can we have no rest from her and the media coverage she pursues
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    There's no way back now katie, you had the money, and like a lot of you celebs you think there is a never ending money tree, very similar to the Labour party.
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    New England Patriot
    Did the deal include an agreement for her to shelve the singing career and spare us all? Good news if it did
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    Her debtors will simply love the IVA arrangement!
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    Proper Slapper