Katie Price bought a pink mobility scooter to get around her driving ban


She may be off the roads, but Katie Price thought she’d found a canny way to get around her driving ban - by investing in a pink, personalised mobility scooter.

The glamour model, 41, had her licence taken away for three months earlier this year when she was convicted of being drunk in charge of her pink Range Rover, but that wasn’t going to stop her from getting back behind the wheel.

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It’s not a top-of-the-range motor, but her new vehicle still comes in her trademark pink and bears the personalised plates “PRICEY”.

Price shared some video of her current wheels on YouTube, but admitted it hadn’t been quite the solution to her problems that she thought it would be as she’d already blown a tire.

In the clip, she said: "The reason I bought this was cos when I was banned from driving, I thought there's no way they're stopping me going on the road.

"So I got one of these, got it done pink, put a bigger engine in it...

"Unfortunately, I went off-roading and got a flat tyre so it actually doesn't work so now it just collects cobwebs."

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Price has also revealed that she plans to get rid of her other pink vehicles - the Range Rover and a horsebox - because they keep landing her in trouble.

She was slapped with the driving ban early this year following an incident where she was found drunk in the back seat of her car but denied that she had been driving it.

Price was found not guilty on a separate charge of drink driving, but guilty of being drunk while in charge of a vehicle.

A month earlier, she had also received a ban for driving while disqualified, and in 2018 was given a six-month ban for speeding.

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