Katie Price calls in cleaners after home becomes 'suffocating' mess

(Quest Red TV)
(Quest Red TV)

Katie Price has been forced to call in cleaners after her mansion was seen to be in disarray and covered with junk.

Price, 40, is currently appearing on her latest series of My Crazy Life and the most recent episode has seen her address the state of her home.

As a self-confessed hoarder, Price admitted it was time to call in the professionals to sort her home out after the show revealed she had junk cluttering her rooms and was afraid to throw anything out.

The problem is so bad that the Loose Women presenter said that it’s causing her ‘stress’ and the feeling of said clutter is ‘suffocating’.

(Quest Red TV)
(Quest Red TV)

‘What I want you to do is clear this place up because I tell you what – tidy house, tidy mind,’ mum Amy said.

But the model confessed that despite her mum was pestering her over the matter, she was going to take some action: ‘My mum’s got a bee in her bonnet because she says the house is messy, but I’m going to invite someone around to help me declutter and get my life back on track.’

And Price’s children Princess, 11, and Junior, 13, also chirped up about how messy the place was, too: ‘It’s so random, like, what is a ladder doing there? It looks like it’s been there for years,’ comments the latter on camera, as viewers see an old ladder, amongst other things, clogging up their home.

A conversation to life coach Sue Benton revealed the nature of her hoarding: ‘This house never looks clean because I’ve got junk in so many rooms, this is doing my head in.

‘I’ve come from nothing so everything I’ve got means a lot to me so I think, “Ah, I can’t throw that away”. ‘All the time it’s just manic.

‘It’s suffocating me. It’s just stress.’

(Quest Red TV)
(Quest Red TV)

The episode continues to sift through the endless boxes in her massive home, with all sorts of things being uncovered, such as a darts board because she said she’s ‘good at darts’.

Whether it’s a coincidence that the junk has piled up during the period of her very public split from cheating third husband Kieran Hayler is anyone’s guess. The moment she decides to bin him is recorded on camera for the show: ‘I’ve let you get away with it over and over again. I’m a mug,’ she said.

‘It’s time to take on the sharks in my life and start the fight back. This is the fresh start of a new Miss Price.’

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