Katie Price calls Cricketer Ben Stokes 'disgusting' after he mocks disabled son Harvey in shock video

Katie Price has hit out at England Cricketer Ben Stokes after a video emerged of him ‘mocking’ her disabled 14-year-old son Harvey.

The news comes after cricket bosses suspended Stokes and Alex Hales on Thursday (Sept 28) after the 26-year-old was filmed allegedly embroiled in a street fight in Bristol.

Ben Stokes video: England cricketer filmed mocking Katie Price’s disabled son, Harvey

Former glamour model Katie has been left sickened by the cruel clip, in which the cricket pro says ‘hello you c***s’ after the teen dropped the C-word on ‘Loose Women’ earlier this year.

Putting on a fake accent to impersonate Katie on the show, Stokes firstly says: “Harvey, what do you say when people are being mean?”

He then pretends to be Harvey, who is autistic, has ADHD and partial blindness and suffers from Prader-Willi syndrome.

Ben Stokes (Instagram)

He slows his voice and waves his arm in an impression of her teenage son, and adds, “Hello, you c***” before erupting into a fit of laughter.

According to The Sun, Katie is furious and said: “I don’t know this guy or why he would do this. It’s disgusting.”

And a source added: “Katie only became aware of this video this afternoon when it appeared online, but she’s very upset by it.

Katie Price shames cricketer Ben Stokes ‘for mocking her disabled son Harvey’

“She is extremely protective of Harvey, as any mother would be, and has always made it clear that she finds any jokes about him totally unacceptable.

“She’s got no idea who Ben Stokes is, and she’s never met him, so it’s outrageous that he would want to ridicule her son like this.

“He doesn’t deserve this, and especially not from a man who is in the public eye who should be setting an example to other people.”

Ben Stokes video: England cricketer filmed mocking Katie Price’s disabled son, Harvey

Harvey has been subjected to abuse on social media before, and Katie started a petition to get cyberbullies added to a register similar to the sex offenders register.

She also previously said she wants to meet the cyberbullies face to face.

She said: “Is it strong enough to call my son a black blind n****r, is that not abuse? They called him a golliwog, that’s my son, is that acceptable?

“How much do I have to take, so in the end, the people who have said this, I put it online and said, ‘Does anyone know this person?’

Katie is considering donating one of her lungs to her terminally ill mum.

Meanwhile, nobody has been charged over the street brawl which resulted in a 27-year-old man being taken to hospital with facial injuries.

However, a statement from the ECB said Stokes and Hail “will not be considered for selection for England international matches until further notice”.


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