Katie Price defends using 'N-word' on live TV in attempt to recount horror of son's bullying

Maya Oppenheim

Katie Price has defended using the "n-word" on live TV by explaining she was repeating the racist slur to make viewers aware of the online bullying her son Harvey has been subject to.

The TV personality sparked criticism for saying strangers online called the 14-year-old a “black blind n****r” during an appearance on ITV's This Morning on Wednesday morning. Price later said that if sufficient anti-bullying measures were in place “people might think different about calling my son a n****r”.

Presenter Phillip Schofield interjected after Price said the word for a second time, telling her: “You don’t need to say it again”.

Although Schofield later apologised for the language used on the show, viewers expressed their indignation at her use of the word on Twitter. One critic said: “I know people are actually mean to her son, but she needs to know that word just can't be said so loosely.”

Another said: “Katie Price did not have to say ”n****r“ on live television, regardless of the topic. She could have used the n-word."

Others argued there was nothing wrong with her using the word to accurately recount the bullying her son has endured at the hands of online trolls.

Tom Jones said: “There's 10 times more shock about Katie Price saying 'n****r' on TV than there is about her son being called one. That speaks volumes".

Adrian Hansel added: “I'm so glad she actually used the words that trolls used to abuse her son! If people are offended by it? Exactly!”

Price has now shared a video explaining why she felt compelled to use the word.

The mother-of-five said: “Yes, I did use the word n****r because that's what people call my son. They call him a blind n****r, they call him a black s****c, they call him a g****g.

“So I'm glad I've made headlines using that word because I want to get it out there that it's not acceptable.

“Just think about it, there are people out there who have to put up with that kind of abuse. Because I'm in the public eye I can speak about it and it's got to stop.”

She then alerted viewers to her petition to stop online bullying. The petition has currently been signed by more than 216,000 people, meaning it will be considered for a parliamentary debate.

This is not the first time Price has spoken out about online bullying. She has been heading an ongoing campaign and last year she shared a number of screengrabs of shocking and abusive tweets and Instagram posts in an attempt to name and shame trolls who have bullied her son.

Harvey has the rare condition Prader-Willi syndrome, autism and blindness.

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