Katie Price ‘going nuts’ after ‘capturing ghosts’ in Instagram video

Emma Powell

Katie Price claims to have captured actual footage of ghosts living in her Sussex mansion.

The former glamour model, 39, posted a video of what she claimed to be apparitions passing through her mirror.

Price – who recently appeared on Celebrity Haunted Mansion – reached out to fans for their advice after she was left “going nuts” by the experience.

The short black and white clip shows Price panning the camera over the mirror in a bid to capture the alleged paranormal activity. She can be heard saying: “It’s amazing. I love this shit. It’s next to me. It is.”

Ghosthunting: Katie Price lives in the Sussex mansion with Kieran Hayler and their children (Dominic Lipinski/PA)

She captioned the footage: “Just woke up my head going nuts thinking but thought I put this clip I took the other night yet again capturing ghosts in my hall way mirror and then you see a ghost walk through mirror! Give me your views.”

Fans were convinced they could see “someone walking across the room” while others claimed the alleged apparition was “someone looking out” for Price.

One user commented: “Without a doubt there is something there kate xx.”

Another posted: “Have you tried to do some research on home history. It looks like a gentleman and a little spirit.”

Others were unconvinced with many mocking the post while another wrote: “I’ve really tried but I can’t see anything x.”

Price has long claimed her family home is haunted and last year posted footage of herself ‘communicating’ with the dead through a candle during an at-home seance.

Price posted a 30 second clip of a lit candle standing next to a toilet roll as she called on spirits to reveal themselves by changing the height of the flame.