Katie Price on son Harvey: 'He is like a nightmare newborn'

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Katie Price continued to defend her consideration of putting her 16-year-old son, Harvey Price, into a residential care home on Friday’s This Morning.

Speaking to Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby, Price said that Harvey is ‘like a nightmare newborn’ and that he is ‘obsessed with her.’

“He is now six foot two, 24 stone and he’s still growing. And he kicks off. The other day he kicked a chair across a room over a muffin,” Price told the hosts.

She continued to elaborate on how Harvey sometimes can become violent, and break iPhones and televisions in the family home.

“On Instagram, I only show him when he’s good. But he’s got a side to him. My house is smashed to bits. This year he has broken eight iPads and four TVs. Someone might bang the door and he’ll chuck something,” she added.

And while she received negative backlash online over her claims this week on Victoria Derbyshire, especially considering she also says she’d like to adopt a Nigerian baby, she said that people simply don’t understand her unique situation.

“Some people think I’m out of order but people don’t understand the situation.”

Katie Price on Friday’s episode of This Morning. (ITV)
Katie Price on Friday’s episode of This Morning. (ITV)

She said that Harvey had wanted to join her on this interview, and she was only able to leave the house without him because she said she was going to the shops to buy him a pasta carbonara.

“Harvey wanted to come with me. He thinks I am out getting him a carbonara. He’ll be waiting by the window for it.

“He is like a nightmare newborn. He goes into the kids’ room at night, says ‘boo’, and scares them.”

Insisting that Harvey would only be in a care home during the week, she said she would visit him regularly and make sure he receives the best care possible.

“I would never want him to think I am palming him off – but I have no choice.

“I can still go, have dinner, tuck him into bed, he will only be there Monday-Friday.”

Harvey is Katie’s first child, who she had with footballer Dwight Yorke in 2002. Yorke has never played a present role in his son’s life, and Katie has always identified as a single mother in Harvey’s upbringing.

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