Katie Price takes drastic measure at new home after attack at Mucky Mansion

Katie Price
-Credit: (Image: katieprice/Instagram)

Former glamour model Katie Price is ensuring her safety comes first, as she was observed under tight security at one of her live UK tour shows for her podcast, 'The Katie Price Show', which she co-hosts with her younger sister Sophie.

Katie, also known as "Pricey", has been touring the country for over a month, with her latest show in Bristol, where The Sun reported that security guards were seen scouring St George's Bristol's car park. Katie herself sported a casual white crop top and jogging bottoms ensemble while vigilantly followed by her new team of bodyguards, as she left for a nearby vehicle post-show on Tuesday, May 28.

This heightened security measure follows an alarming incident involving Katie, where a malicious assailant targeted her by pouring acid over her Range Rover. In speaking about the distressing ordeal on her podcast, Katie recounted: "So, my house is in the middle of nowhere, and I've had nothing but bad luck in that house. It doesn't matter what it is, it's bad luck. I can't wait to get out of it, like I've said on this show."

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She further revealed: "Now, what's really scary is, a few months ago, people vandalised my gates, saying you f****** whore, you s***, and all of that. I've had lots of incidents, and now my car was parked by my front door and there's other cars parked there. Someone has thrown acid all over my pink Range Rover," reports the Mirror.

"So I thought, 'acid is serious' and for someone to actually go and buy that quantity, to then think they can go a hundred metres up my driveway in the middle of nowhere and pour that on my car when we're all in bed asleep and I didn't hear anything."

In her quest for answers, Katie revealed she'd reached out to the police who promptly advised her to vacate her Mucky Mansion - an advice she didn't need twice. After being declared bankrupt for the second time in March 2024, Katie was set to leave her Horsham, West Sussex home, where she had resided since 2014, on Wednesday, May 29.

However, the mum-of-five left a day early as she moved into her new abode with Married At First Sight partner JJ Slater. Katie shared the news as removal vans descended on her property. She captioned a picture of her Mucky Mansion: "Due to (an) acid attack on my car at my house, I've now been advised by authorities not to stay at Mucky Mansion anymore."