Katie Price told to give blackmailers £50,000 or they will 'slash' disabled son Harvey

Katie Price has opened up about the blackmail threat she faced last month, with the mother-of-five being forced to cancel her live tour after her management company received an anonymous email threatening her disabled son, Harvey.

The 39-year-old star rescheduled her shows for next year as she made the decision to take the threat seriously, with cruel blackmailers claiming that they were going to hunt down the 15 year old and “slash him” if she didn’t hand over £50,000.

Katie’s son Harvey was threatened. Copyright: [ITV]

Speaking on Loose Women earlier today, Katie explained: “I’ve had to move my tour until next year because I’ve had a threat – and the investigation is still ongoing – for £50,000 these people want me to give them and if I don’t give the cash, they’re going to find Harvey, slash him and they’re going to do stuff to him.”

The former glamour model went on to add that the email served as a wake-up call, encouraging her to beef up security.

Katie Price opened up earlier today. Copyright: [Rex]

Katie continued: “I’m not allowed to make a comment but the police are taking it seriously because I’ve received three kidnap threats before. Things are under control.”

A source previously revealed that Katie had been left “shaken” by the threat, saying at the time: “This is all the more horrifying for Katie because she has experienced threats against her children before.

“On three separate occasions she has had to get the police involved. The thought of anyone harming the kids sickens her to the core, and until the police have caught the perpetrator, she feels she just can’t leave them.

Katie’s other children have apparently been threatened in the past. Copyright: [Instagram]

“Katie is really shaken by this and is hoping against hope that the police catch this person as soon as possible.”

The star is also mum to 12-year-old Junior, 10-year-old Princess, four-year-old Jett and three-year-old Bunny.

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