Katie Price's fans spot 'editing fail' on new racy snap as she shares security fears

katie price
-Credit: (Image: Instagram)

Katie Price has set tongues wagging with her latest risqué photoshoot, but sharp-eyed fans were quick to spot signs of photoshop in one particular image.

The 46-year-old glamour model turned heads as she took to Instagram to share a series of sultry snaps, flaunting her inked skin in some red lace loungewear and baby pink lingerie, casting a provocative look towards the lens.

Her 2.6 million followers lavished praise on her sculpted figure, flooding the comments with adoration. "That's my Jordan!!!," exclaimed an enthusiastic fan, invoking Katie's former stage name from her I'm A Celebrity days. However, not everyone was convinced by the authenticity of the images.

"Looks lovely but what is going on with the leg, Doesn't look right?", questioned one perplexed follower, the Mirror reports. "Edited into oblivion," declared another, suggesting the photo had been heavily altered.

The debate over the possible editing mishap, particularly concerning Katie's left thigh, heated up in the comment section, with some suggesting the picture had been excessively "airbrushed." "Deffo photoshop, love her tats though", remarked one user, while another asked for less retouched photos: "Can we see pictures which haven't been so airbrushed?"

katie price
Katie's fans felt the photo had been airbrushed 'excessively' -Credit:Instagram

Others joined in the critique, with one quipping about the extent of the airbrushing and another urging Katie to "Give it a rest". Meanwhile, a different commenter humorously suggested: "And the Academy Award for the best photoshop goes to...", and yet another voiced their opinion that Katie should accept her age and move away from constant photo alterations: "She needs to realise she's too old for this, you can't keep photoshopping every picture."

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Following recent events, Katie Price has ramped up her security measures while she tours the UK with her live podcast, 'The Katie Price Show', which she co-hosts with her sister Sophie.

The celebrity was seen at St George's Bristol, flanked by security personnel as she made her way to a vehicle after another successful event.

In light of a horrific acid attack on her distinctive pink Range Rover just before her planned departure from her infamous 'Mucky Mansion', Katie Price took to Instagram to share the news.

During an episode of her podcast, she expressed her eagerness to leave her current residence, saying: "So, my house is in the middle of nowhere, and I've had nothing but bad luck in that house. It doesn't matter what it is, it's bad luck. I can't wait to get out of it, like I've said on this show."

She continued, detailing the distressing vandalism she's endured: "Now, what's really scary is, a few months ago, people vandalised my gates, saying you f*****g w***e, you s**g, and all of that. I've had lots of incidents, and now my car was parked by my front door and there's other cars parked there. Someone has thrown acid all over my pink Range Rover."

"So I thought, 'acid is serious' and for someone to actually go and buy that quantity, to then think they can go a hundred metres up my driveway in the middle of nowhere and pour that on my car when we're all in bed asleep and I didn't hear anything."

Katie has since relocated from her Horsham, West Sussex, mansion and moved into a new home with her Married At First Sight partner, JJ Slater.

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