Katie Waissel Slams Former X Factor Mentor Cheryl Fernandez-Versini: ‘She’s A Pr*ck’

It’s long been known that Katie Waissel isn’t *exactly* the biggest fan of her old X Factor mentor Cheryl Fernandez-Versini.

Now, it seems she has such a bad opinion of the singer, she even warned Rita Ora to be wary of her before this year’s X Factor auditions begun.

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So there’s no hope of kissing and making-up five years after Katie was a contestant on the show then? Oh, okay then.

The two allegedly fell out after Chezza, 32, admitted in her autobiography ‘Cheryl: My Story’ that she wasn’t sure about Katie when she first auditioned in 2010.

The comment went down like a tonne of bricks in the Grand Canyon, with the 29-year-old X Factor contestant not being shy in airing her true feelings about the ‘I Don’t Care’ singer.

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Asked for her thoughts on Chez returning to The X Factor this year, Katie told Star Magazine: “I think she’s just there for the money.

“People think that I have this huge thing against Cheryl. And granted, I do. I’m p*ssed off for various reasons. “If you ask me, she’s fake as s**t.”

Explaining why she feels so strongly about the ex-mentor, she continued: “I just think there’s no substance to her. She can be very abrupt and rude. I don’t think she’s a very nice human.

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“My advice to anyone who’s going to be on the show would be to f**king beg to get someone else as mentor.”


She didn’t stop there though, and as well as advising future contestants to “go and knock on Simon Cowell’s door,” she also advised them not to “feel pressured into being Cheryl’s b*tch.”

“It’s like Cheryl’s old and Rita’s new. I spoke to Rita about it before she joined the show and I told her about my experience with Cheryl,” she continued.


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“I said Cheryl is a pr*ck, and Rita was like, ‘Oh s**t, really?’ Because she asked what doing the show was like.

“I told her I hung out with Simon and Louis Walsh, and Cheryl sat with her Benson & Hedges in her dressing room staring at her diamonds. Rita, if you ever lose Cheryl, that’s where she is!”

Good to, er, know.

Oh, and finally, she reckons Cheryl and Grimmy might squabble, because the the singer could “rub Grimmy the wrong way.”


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“She’ll comment on his acts and he’ll take it personally.”

Tell us how you really feel, Katie. Yeesh.