Katy Perry’s ‘Blackface’ Shoes Pulled From Dillard’s Amid Backlash

Elyse Wanshel

Katy Perry may be in the midst of doing some major damage control.

TMZ reported that Katy Perry Collections, the pop star’s fashion brand, is in the process of removing two shoe offerings from US department store Dillard’s after some online criticism that they resembled blackface caricatures.

Katy Perry's “Rue Face Slip On Loafers”

In a search for the shoes – called “Rue Face Slip On Loafers” and “Ora Face Block Heel Sandal” – on the store’s website Monday afternoon, an image of them popped up for a split second before a message appeared informing the customer that the “product is not currently available for purchase.”

How the page for Katy Perry’s “Rue Face Slip On Loafers” looked at one point on Dillard’s website Monday afternoon.

Not long after this change, the items went completely missing from the site. The shoes also came in beige.

It is unclear if Dillard’s made the call to pull the shoes or if it was Perry’s brand. HuffPost reached out to Perry, her brand and Dillard’s for comment but did not receive an immediate response.

The “Swish Swish” singer was called out online over the weekend for selling the questionable footwear. “Blackface” controversies ensnared Virginia’s governor and attorney general earlier this month, spotlighting the issue.

The reproaches hit Perry not long after fashion house Gucci received scrutiny last week for selling a sweater that also resembled blackface caricatures.