Katy Perry had to spend 'so much money' correcting 'orange' tan in California Gurls video

Katy Perry was forced to spend "so much money" correcting her 'California Gurls' music video after her spray tan went wrong.

The 38-year-old singer "didn't have time" to get her bronze glow applied the night before a shoot so had no choice but to undergo the treatment just hours before she was needed to film - and found herself getting "oranger and oranger" as they day went on.

Looking back on her 'Life in Looks' on a video for Vogue.com, she said: "Funny story behind this is that I look super tan here, right?

"Rarely do I get spray tans, and typically you're supposed to get them the night before. Well, I just didn't have time. So, I got them the day of my music video.

"When you get a tan the morning of your music video, your colour changes gradually throughout the day. So, I just kept on getting oranger and oranger and oranger.

"We had to spend so much extra money on colour-grading this music video because in one part of the video, I'm this colour orange, and then I'm this colour orange in the next part of the music video.

"Kids, just a little tip: fake tans, night before."

Katy explained she and costume designer Johnny Wujek "came up with this concept together" for the video - in which she and Snoop Dogg explore a Candyland-style setting - and admitted her sparkly shorts worn with her iconic cupcake bra were actually Diesel jeans that had been "cut and bedazzled".

The 'Teenage Dream' hitmaker explained she has two "different ways" of dressing on the red carpet.

She said: "My red carpet outfits vary depending on what I'm going to or what it is or what the theme is but I kind of go two different ways.

"I either go OTT weird and fun and wild and wacky, or I go elegant, evolved, designer, gorge."