Kayaker Launches Into Snow From Rooftop in South Lake Tahoe

A thrill-seeking kayak enthusiast rode down a mound of snow from the roof of their home in South Lake Tahoe, California, on Monday, March 6.

Video of the moment was captured by Susie Kocher who said it shows her son “doing a first descent by kayak” from the top of their house. The family resumed removing piles of snow from their roof shortly after, Kocher said.

Kocher also shared video showing light snow falling on Tuesday morning as she took her dog for a walk. “After blizzards, a walk in light snow doesn’t seem like a big deal,” she wrote on Twitter.

Snow piled up over the previous two days, as a winter storm brought blizzard conditions to the wider Tahoe area and prompted multiple road closures.

On Tuesday, city authorities warned that another storm on Thursday evening could bring “excessive rain” and cause “increased snow loads on roofs.” Credit: Susie Kocher via Storyful