Kayakers save elderly dog who had run away from 4 July fireworks

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Ethyl’s rescue was documented on Tiktok (TikTok)
Ethyl’s rescue was documented on Tiktok (TikTok)

A lost and frightened dog got very lucky when kind kayakers rescued her from the banks of an Iowa river.

Ethyl had been missing for almost a week, having run off when scared by 4 July fireworks.

Limping and covered in ticks, she was found 15 miles from home by a group of kayakers who were taking a trip down the Chariton River in Iowa.

Bringing her aboard one of their kayaks, Jessica Rose and her friends noticed Ethyl had a collar and tag with her family’s number listed. Rose rang them with the good news that their dog was safe and sound, and arranged to meet them further downstream.

“Her mom was so excited I could hear her screaming through the phone” said Rose, in a TikTok video she posted about their adventure, which racked up more than 100,000 views.

Since the next stopping point wasn’t for four hours, the friends had to persuade the nervous Ethyl to relax and enjoy the trip – which she eventually did, drinking water and snacking on Cheetos.

“She’s so sweet and we’re so happy she gets to go home. She’s gonna get a bath … she needs one!” said Rose.

10-year-old Ethyl made it home in one piece, albeit with bumps, bruises and dehydration, and was reunited with her family.

Rose later posted an update, telling TikTokers the dog was fine and had made it through her ordeal.

She plans to meet up with Ethyl’s owners to see her progress in the near future.

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