Kaz Crossley released from 'terrifying' Dubai jail without charge

Kaz Crossley has been released from a Dubai prison credit:Bang Showbiz
Kaz Crossley has been released from a Dubai prison credit:Bang Showbiz

Kaz Crossley has been released from jail in Dubai following the "most terrifying" few days of her life.

The former 'Love Island' star - who came third on the show in 2018 - was detained at Abu Dhabi airport on Monday (13.02.23) while in transit for a flight to Thailand, after her name was flagged as authorities in the UAE are still investigating a video from November 2020 which showed her snorting a suspicious white substance at a party in Dubai, but she has now been released without charge.

The 28-year-old star was held in a cell with 30 other women but had no idea why because authorities didn't bring in a translator.

According to The Sun newspaper, she told a friend: “They didn’t get me a lawyer or a proper translator. I couldn’t even have a shower.

“I was locked up with 30 other women, and had no idea why I was there for days - nobody would help me. It was the most terrifying experience of my life.”

The pal added: “She’s very shaken up, the very worst thoughts were going through her mind.

“You see stories of Brits being banged up for years and years in these countries over drugs issues.

“She didn’t have drugs, but she had been associated with someone else police are looking into from a previous trip, and that’s why they arrested her.”

Kaz was eventually able to sit down with police and cooperate with their investigation, before being allowed to walk free and return to the airport to leave the country.

Her friend said: “She’s incredibly relieved. She couldn’t wait to get to an airport and get away.

“It’s an experience it will live with her forever.

“Basically she was left alone — her management team were trying to get her some support but at first the Foreign Office was told she wasn’t there.

“Eventually officials seemed to find her and explained a bit of what was going on.”

Kaz was seen returning to Abu Dhabi police station on Friday (17.02.23) to complete paperwork, with police saying they would then take her to the airport and she was free to leave the UAE as she was not guilty of any offence.